Lauriane and her family are originally from France but are now based in an Amsterdam apartment they have just renovated. She works as an Art Director and Photographer, and on her Instagram @lauriane.bueb, she often shares moments from her family life in Amsterdam. "Here, life is peaceful, and everything seems to be done for the well-being of children", Lauriane says. Her husband Martin and their kids Léon and Brune enjoy nature and city life. They spend a lot of time doing activities with their kids, and it's essential to have these moments for all four of them.

What is important to you when decorating the children's room?

"I always choose neutral tones. It feels good for the eyes, and the kids are free to add their touches! I'm also focusing on soft products to create a cosy atmosphere. I try not to overload the shelves with toys and teach my children to put their things in boxes. Boxes are always a nice idea for rediscovering forgotten toys!"

What is important to you when looking for children's furniture?

"I take care to find good quality furniture, which we can keep for several years without being damaged over time. Afterwards, I look at the wood used; I particularly like oak! It must also be practical, beautiful and design, obviously!"

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Wood original low loft bed

"I think it's important to choose colours and objects that fit together; it's better for keeping things longer. And, to choose simple things which can easily match."

Lauriane Bueb